Grand Vista Sunrooms


Grand Vista Sunrooms

Norfolk County Contracting is proud to represent Grand Vista Sunrooms by Craft-Bilt. Grand Vista enclosures and patio rooms feature a unique wall system that results in a much cleaner and smooth look compared to the industry standard as well as a unique structural hinged header system. Every sunroom is custom made in Canada to your wants and needs. For the roof of your sunroom select the PanelCraft™ insulated panel system or the Northlander™ Skyview system with translucent multi-wall sheets.


BetterLiving Shade Products

 Norfolk County Contracting is pleased to be selected as a distributor for BetterLiving™ Shade Products. Their retractable awnings, solar shades and canopies are a cut above the rest. When you need shade for your patio, you will be amazed at your options. We offer 5 models of retractable patio awning and three models of retractable canopies. We can retrofit your existing pergola to protect you from the sun's heat and light rain. Our solar shades install on the outside of your window, can be motorized with remote control, and come in many fabric choices so you can select just the degree of shading you need. Stopping the sun's heat before it enters your home is much more effective than using blinds inside. BetterLiving™ is a trademark of Craft-Bilt Materials Ltd. 


PanelCraft Insulated Roof System

 Insulated panels are made using aluminum skins bonded to a core material, often EPS, expanded polystyrene. The term "foam" panel is often used. All panels are not alike however, PanelCraft™ panels have higher density core, and unique Krystal Kote clear coat finish. They also feature extensive testing and ongoing quality assurance system. The panels are available in 3", 4½" and 6" thickness. Thicker panels have more insulation and they can also span farther. They are an excellent choice for your patio cover or sunroom roof. 


Northlander Skyview Polycarbonate Roof

 Skyview uses multi-wall polycarbonate sheets that let in beautiful filtered light without the UV. Polycarbonate sheets are incredibly tough, they are used throughout the world for all types of conservatory and day-lighting applications. Skyview Structural is a completely engineered system designed to withstand the Canadian Climate. Great for patio covers and our exclusive 32mm thick sheet is designed to give sunrooms more insulation and better protection from the hot sun. 

Craft Bilt History


Craft Bilt began operating in April of 1992 after buying assets from Wrisco Ltd. Wrisco was a major supplier of aluminum patio covers, enclosure material and awnings for over 30 years. For 17 years we operated from the old Wrisco location, a 32,000 square foot facility in the Toronto suburb of Markham. In February of 2009, we moved to our current custom designed, 40,000 square foot facility in Ajax, Ontario (just East of Toronto).

Craft-Bilt’s main business is dealer sales of aluminum components for sunrooms, railing, waterproof decking, awnings, patio covers and polycarbonate roof systems. We manufacture railing kits, canopy kits and sunroom kits. Our line of retractable fabric shades includes: fabric awnings, solar screens, free standing canopies and canopies for pergolas. Craft-Bilt™ also supplies aluminum awning and sunroom components to a number of manufacturers in Canada.

We take a great deal of pride in the engineering materials that have been developed for our products. Proper engineering is important for obtaining building permits. More details can be obtained through your local Craft-Bilt™ dealer. We are also very proud of our products themselves and as such, Craft-Bilt’s™ copyright (i.e. web pages, literature, catalogs, pictures, engineering) materials and trademarks (i.e. Betterliving™, Contempo™, Northlander™ and PanelCraft™) are strongly protected.